Presented by MARS Gallery


Premiered: 10 February – 7 March 2010: MARS Gallery, Stairwell


"In the stairwell, and along a corridor that stretches through the gallery's storeroom of paintings and sculptures, a third artist, James Hullick, is installing a work that will also invite touch - but repel visitors at the same time. Hullick says that as people move into the stairwell, disturbing sound cues will be triggered drawing them further down the stairs where, eventually, they will come face to face with what he describes as a strange robotic creature that looks like it is making its own baby.

Called The Post-Sapien Midwives, Hullick says the installation explores ideas about humanity's evolution. Combining horror and divinity, the composition is based on his research into Madonna-and-child images. ''While the audience is welcome to touch the work, my idea was that they would feel intimidated about touching it,'' he says. ''The idea of 'touch this' was more of a dare.'' The Age, 2010


The work was presented at the bottom of gallery storage room stairwell, and was arranged as a scene from future sapiens manufacturing a future sapien child. The work includes a range of mixed media, sound, sculptural figures and forms and references ‘Madonna with child’ visual memes.


The work was included as part of the Touch This group show curated by Andy Dinan






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