Presnted by Gallery Sakiko NY, JOLT and Shfted Gallery


Premiered: 4 – 29 August 2008: Sakiko, New York, as part of Dark Luminance - a group show curated by John Derrick and Hullick

Shown again: 15 October – 1 November 2008: Shifted Gallery, Gallery 1, as part of the solo Hullick exhibition Wigga.


“Sometimes I encounter an exhibition that is so overwhelming, covers so much territory and breaks such new ground that it’s difficult to write about it….This Australian group show combines cutting edge digital technology, including the use of Second Life, but is rooted in something ancient. The core of Dark Luminance is the Australian Gothic…[Hullick] has an intriguing sound sculpture installation that’s basically about disembodiment and opposing forces. Black (almost witch-like) wigs were hung, each containing hidden speakers. High, whistling sounds emanated from them. Below were upturned speakers holding ping pong balls, like eggs in a nest, which the sound caused to vibrate, creating chattering percussion; representing birth as much as the wigs mirrored death, Hullick achieves the essence of the life-cycle…Truly mind-blowing.” Joe Bendik, Chelsea Clinton Press, 2008.


Materials used to create the work include suspended wigs, speakers, lights, CD players, cables, and ping pong balls.



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