Presented by JOLT


Premiered: 27 June 2007 at 3pm: Trades Hall, Ballroom, in the concert performance titled Roboticon presented by JOLT.


“In contrast, James Hullick, artistic director of JOLT, cast his objects - naked speaker cones - in a much darker role: "Too much vibration will tear a thing apart," he writes. "But then again, things fall apart anyway." In his first piece, Things Fall Apart Part 2, the sound of a little bell attached to the rim of one of the floor-bound speakers could be heard as the unit bounced under the assault of his vocal and techno sounds, the whole a prelude to the drama of his second piece, Death Is a Standing Wave. Red spotlights and a smoke machine sound like pretty desperate staging, but a standing triangle of large speaker cones attached to a simple framework formed a spooky trinity: three stern, disembodied heads, wired to function as microphones as well as speakers. Don't ask me, but it was wonderfully post-apocalyptic.

Penny Webb, Sound and Sight Show’s Dark Delight, The Age 26 June 2007.


Materials: Auto-speakers, lighting tree, smoke machine, and lights.




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